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Your Mom Called, She Loved the Mother’s Day Flowers!

To those of you who shopped and supported The Bloomlist community during Mother’s Day, THANK YOU! 

Mother’s Day is the #1 flower giving occasion of the year. While Mother’s Day has since passed, the effects of such a monumental flower-giving occasion can still be felt in the environment and beyond. There are over 43 million mothers in the US alone. (US Census Bureau) If 64 percent of mothers are gifted flowers (National Retail Federation), that’s a lot of floral foam that winds up in the landfill.

As a refresher, floral foam is that green squishy stuff at the bottom of most flower arrangements. It’s used to deliver hydration to cut flower stems, while holding them in place, extending their vase life and whimsy. However, this foam is a single use plastic (a combo of phenolic resin and formaldehyde). It’s neither compostable nor recyclable, and takes hundreds to thousands of years to break down in a landfill. In the meantime, it can break into micro-particles that pollute the groundwater, are ingested by fish and wildlife, causing harm.

So, what can we do to stop these harmful effects? By requesting the NON-USE of floral foam in your next flower arrangement, you help: 1) prevent its further buildup in the landfill, and 2) reduce its contribution to carbon emissions that are degrading our ozone layer, warming up the planet, threatening biodiversity, and frankly, the avails of the flowers themselves.

If you happen to receive flowers with foam, do not: 1) put it in the compost bin, or 2) pour any remnants down the drain where it can join the water supply. Instead, drain the water with floating particles thru a tight weave cloth or pillowcase, and pour the “filtered” water into the ground where any outstanding remnants will likely stay indefinitely.

We want to be part of the solution to help flower lovers lower their carbon footprint. 

As consumers, we have a choice in how we spend our dollars, and whom and what we wish to support. Sometimes convenience and immediate gratification blur judgment. We are a culture of convenience, after all. 

But, like food, once you get a taste of local flowers, grown in season, soulful and swaggerful, it’s hard to go back to “conventional” and “fast.” Lowering your flower footprint is easy when you know where to look. 

The Bloomlist directory is a good place to start.

Even though Mother’s Day has come and gone, we here at The Flowry think all moms are deserving of celebration 24/7.  For Mother’s Day and beyond, The Bloomlist offers many options perfect for all the mamas in your life.

For the Particular & Polished Mom

For moms who value the finer things in life, this classic Posy arrangement by Teresa Sabankaya is inspired by the floriography, the historical language of flowers. A stunning splurge for new moms, and the mom who values artistry and design, she is sure to appreciate the gift-giver’s attention to detail–with every seasonal stem conveying its own special sentiment and meaning. Bloomlister Teresa Sabankaya specializes in bespoke, seasonal flower arrangements and ships nationwide.

Teresa Sabankaya - Bespoke Posy
Bespoke Posy by Teresa Sabankaya

For the DIY Mom

Something stemsational for all the crafty ladies in your life. Kinda like color-by-numbers, but for floral design, this DIY bouquet from Petalled is a perfect, experiential way to show your love and appreciation. By giving her the freedom to do-it-herself, you are allowing her to express that creativity that is so important to her. Also, a great activity to do together with the kiddos. Petalled also ships nationwide.

Sweet Dreams, Grande by Petalled

For the Earth Mama

A farm box from Harmony Harvest in VA is a great choice for moms who like things simple, natural, clean and healthy. Who consider the health, environmental and social impacts of the food they and their families eat (or don’t eat), the products they buy, and the role they play in the world. This extraordinarily fresh and colorful farm box from Harmony Harvest features a mix of the best seasonal stems, from April to October, and occasionally some show-stopping exclusives like their mixed-color peonies. In the off season, you can purchase a gift card – to ensure mom gets the very best first flush of the season.


The Farmer's Choice Box by Harmony Harvest

Cover Mom In Sunshine

Why should Mother’s Day be the only day that you shower mom with gifts? Give her the gift that keeps on giving: With a seasonal flower subscription/CSA she will receive flowers on her door-step every month, two weeks, or weekly. Not only that, a subscription allows her to get a taste of all of the best blooms at the peak of their season. Just, delish. Look no further than the Bloomlist for your subscription needs. Most of our Bloomlistings offer subscriptions. You can search by state – and see what comes up. For instance, Molly Oliver Flowers offers Seasonal Flower Project subscriptions throughout the growing season.


Seasonal Flower Project Specialty Tulips by Molly Oliver Flowers

For the Mom Who Loves to Learn

For the ever curious mother, a floral design workshop is the way to go! Book a day with mom at a Bloomlister florist and learn how to design your own beautiful bouquets and centerpieces. A thoughtful gift for moms who love to try new things, together you can pick up a new skill and take home creations that will be even more special because of the time you spent together. The Bloomlist boasts many amazing florists and farmers that offer hands-on experiences like Rowdy Poppy in Denver and Hometown Flower Company in Long Island, NY.

Springtime Flowers in a Bag workshop by Hometown Flower Company

Visit www.theflowry.com to browse The Bloomlist and find your local. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Check out our Bloomlist partners who ship nationwide.

Incidentally, for special occasions like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, The Bloomlist opens and closes its orders early to allow florists to source the very best local flowers. When you wait until the last minute, you are almost certainly left with imports – which carry enormous carbon footprints, are covered in toxic pesticides, and harvested by marginalized workers. Definitely not the message you intended to send to loved ones.

Regardless of where you shop for Mother’s Day, prom, graduations, baby showers, bridal bashes or any occasion, remember to request #nofloralfoam.