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— Founder’s Story

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Lori. My idea for THE FLOWRY bloomed on Mother’s Day. As I searched for the perfect bouquet to suit each of the marvelous “mamas” in my life, it occurred to me: It matters where these flowers come from and how they’re grown. Like food, I wanted them to reflect the seasonal bounty, and I wanted them to last! Just as we strive to support local farmers, I wanted to help boost the independent florists whose businesses went from flourishing to languishing virtually overnight. I spent a lot of time researching these arrangements and their provenances, from soil to doorstep. It seemed there wasn’t a truly comprehensive place to look for florists committed to crafting exclusively with locally sourced and/or sustainably harvested, American grown blooms. And as I gazed out at the wildflowers dotting my backyard in Northern California, and inside my home—on the walls, the bed, various tchotchkes, and even the notebook I was writing in—I realized I had a big appetite for flowers in all of their glorious incarnations.

And with that, the big idea I’d been dreaming about for years manifested: an online explosion of fresh flowers and curated floral finds in fashion, home decor, art, and simply beautiful things. We don’t hold inventory; we link directly to the businesses and brands we want you to discover and fall for. And like flowers, our offerings change seasonally: There’s always something new in store.

We invite you to search The Bloomlist for the best, farm fresh arrangements for pickup or delivery where you live, work, and play, and shop our curated floral finds. There’s something for everyone.

Lastly, please bud into our mailing list for special offers, sneak peeks, and early access to our floral faves first. Shop and smell the roses. Welcome to THE FLOWRY.

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Meet The Team

Lori Diamond


Nuvair Markarian

Merchandising Associate

Victoria Messikian

Marketing Associate

Lilly Nguyen

Marketing Associate

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