Round Compote: Matte Finish


“Most conventional flower arrangements arrive with vases that are functional at best, neither memorable nor collectible.

Sustainable floristry is an art form. Each arrangement, a snapshot of a particular moment in time—driven by season and climate. “The vessel you choose is as much a part of this tapestry as the flowers themselves, a bit of permanence to love and appreciate – in between bloom encounters.” – Lori Diamond, founder of The Flowry

“This idea of building a vessel, or vase, wardrobe is not unlike building a lipstick or fragrance wardrobe that you tap into for different occasions, moods, or looks—or in this case, seasonal flowers.” – Sandy Markman

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Founders Lori Diamond and Sandy Markman are former beauty executives exploring phase two of their life and work and uniting around a love of sustainable design. Our first collection features a trio of bud vases at varying heights, and in complementary silhouettes, designed to hold from one to about 12 stems. These arrive in two finishes: 1) Walt, a white matte, and 2) Ramesh, a speckled finish. A centerpiece (or compote) sized version (approx 6.5 in X 2.5 in) is also available in two finishes.

Each one-of-a-kind piece takes about three weeks to shape, fire, and glaze. They will ship in eco-friendly packaging within three to four weeks of purchase.

Photos by: Julie Florio and Mica Spicka |


Pieces: Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about specific pieces before placing your order to ensure your satisfaction is met.

Shipping: To minimize the environmental impacts of shipping, recycled packing materials are used whenever possible. Pieces will be shipped within 3-4 weeks. We will do our best to accommodate special deadline requests. Local NYC pick-up is available in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Care: Please refer to specific use and care outlined for each piece. Pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. Gently hand-washing to preserve quality is highly recommended.

Refunds: Each piece is influenced by the handmade nature of the craft, unique glaze chemistry and unpredictable nature of two firings. This is to be celebrated, not critiqued. A full refund will only be made if the piece is damaged during shipping. Photos indicating damage to the packing materials and piece will need to be provided within 3 days of receipt to