Sweet Peas by Rita Feldman

International Women’s Day: A Roundup of Stemsational Women

It’s International Women’s Day: Send Her Flowers

March ushers in two reasons to send flowers (as we needed a reason): spring and International Women’s Day!

March 20 (in the Northern Hemisphere) marks the official arrival of spring equinox–which means equal lengths of day and night. It’s also the official start of the spring growing season in flowers. WOO!

For the next six months–or until the frost–seasonal flowers will poppin’! To keep ahead of what flowers are blooming when, and to help plan your everyday and special occasions,  check out The Flowry Website.  Our “What’s Blooming Nowsection highlights the seasonality of popular, spring cut flowers. Spring call-outs include: tulips, daffodils, poppies, anemones, ranunculus, sweet peas, and stock. (Note the absence of roses because their growing season doesn’t typically arrive until summer!)

Some of these varieties may be new to you, they were to me!

I encourage you to observe the seasonal shift because it’s this diversity and fleetingness that makes seasonal flowers so special: A snapshot of their unique moment in time.

And just like that… they’re gone until they bloom again next year.

Girl Power

This month, we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8). Suffice it to say there are many women I’ve encountered both personally and professionally who blow me away—with their smarts, creativity, style, generosity, kindness, calm, strength—all the attributes worth celebrating.

I want to acknowledge some of the women we admire in the flower space—who have created movements, identified business opportunities, are crusading against right and wrong, and who are so wildly talented, I’m in perpetual marvel. Mind you, it’s impossible to name everyone—and The Flowry is, well, abloom with them—so take a tip toe through and see for yourself.

For now, some stemsational women we heart (let’s call it a Part 1).

Double Shade Yellow and Crimson Ranunculus

Gorgeous Double Shade Yellow and Crimson Ranunculus by Molly Oliver Flowers, creator of #seasonalflowerproject | Brooklyn, NY

Bloomers & Shakers 

Debra Prinzing, founder of Slow Flowers Society. Debra recognized the need to put domestic flower farmers AND florists together to forge “slow flowers” (the opposite of “conventional” and “fast”) conversations and connections in the interest of the environment, economy, and social justice—and to offer an alternative to flower imports which dominate the US market.

Through storytelling, podcasts and events, Debra and Slow Flowers have shined a light on the resilience, diversity, responsibility, seasonality—and honestly, just joy—American flower farmers contribute to the United States flower economy. Likewise, they have illuminated how this translates to a fresher, longer-lasting, fragrant, cleaner, healthier, kinder bouquet for our many occasions and celebrations.

Rita Feldman, founder of The Sustainable Floristry Network and #nofloralfoam. I have had the pleasure of meeting Rita over Zoom and—without giving away her big game-changing news—she’s a beacon of sustainable and systemic change in global floristry. Packaged in cheeky Australian grit, I’m personally super excited to see what’s coming in the weeks and months ahead.

Hannah Brannan, founder of Gather Flora. This “woman who codes” founded Gather Flora to facilitate the transaction between growers and florists, addressing the barriers and pain points inherent to the traditional flower supply chain. As such, she’s demonstrated an ability to increase market share for locally grown flowers in both the North Bay and Southern California, reducing florists’ reliance on imports with plans to scale across the US.

Floral Designers & Earth Advocates

Molly Oliver from Molly Oliver Flowers (Brooklyn, NY); Jaime Giorgi from The Monkey Flower Group (Napa, CA); Lauren Palmer & Leah Palmer from The Wild Mother (Oklahoma City, OK). These women run their businesses with amazing conviction, compassion and creativity; each a crusader in her own right for sustainability and social justice.

By paying attention to their work, and their teachings, I’ve learned so much about myself and the role I want to play in this world both as a consumer and an imperfect human, always working towards a fair, just and equitable world.

Fierce Farm Bosses

Assorted Pink and White Tulips

Assorted Pink and White Tulips grown by Krynn at Bloomchick Flower Company | Springfield, TN

@flowerladyfarm Robin Lindsey (VA), @bloomchickflowercompany Krynn Knepful (TN), @blossomandbranchfarm Briana Bosch (CO). All female flower farmers loaded with courage, sense of self, and brutal honesty. These women tackle one of the hardest professions on Earth with straight-talk, sass, and strength… and show us how it’s done! With special guest appearances by: horses, mutts, beer, beauty products, sunsets and piano playing. If you’re not following along on Instagram, you’re missing out.

Muse Makers 

Anna Kincaide. I stumbled upon Anna Kincaide’s paintings at a gallery in New Orleans about five years ago and was instantly smitten. Her work reflects her love of design and couture fashion; every figure eliciting a range of emotional responses. Just, breathtaking.

Floral Portrait Painting by Anna Kincaide

Lovely Floral Portrait Painting by Anna Kincaide

We are obsessed with the social art collaboration, #facethefoliage, a collection of flower faces by Vicki Rawlins—founder of Sister Golden Shop (WI)—and Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow fame. Vicki’s portraits are created from seasonally foraged, living flowers and plants, photographed, and then returned to their environment. Nothing is glued. You can follow Vicki’s and others’ like @the_native_flower_girl, at #facethefoliage on Instagram.

"Be Wild" by Vicki Rawlins

Dried Florals Mixed Media Artwork, “Be Wild” by Vicki Rawlins @sistergoldenshop

"Jade" by Vicki Rawlins

Pinecone Textured Mixed Media Artwork, “Jade” by Vicki Rawlins @sistergoldenshop

Fares Micue. This self-taught portrait photographer from Spainhttps://sistergolden.com/collections/flower-art-prints/products/free-spirit-flower-print, Fares Micue, explains her “why” so vividly: “I want my images to give hope and teach people to appreciate themselves, to love, dream and believe that everything is possible if we believe that it is.” She is big on color and flowers, both of our spirit animals.

Stunning Photograph by Fares Micue

Stunning Photograph by Fares Micue

Photograph of Graceful Pink Tulips by Anna Condo

Photograph of Graceful Pink Tulips by Anna Condo 

Anna Condo. Armenian born, Parisien raised, New York based filmmaker and photographer, Anna Condo, chooses flowers as her muse. Her portraits are described as strong, not fragile, and imposing respect, which sums up why we’re mesmerized. “A lady first and foremost; a feminist before its time.”

In a word: Voila.

Loria Stern, LA based culinary artist and baker of cakes and confections with edible flowers. I’ve never personally met Loria Stern but I’ve ordered her mouth watering floral creations, both stylish and sustainably crafted with mindful details from locally grown, organic ingredients to energy and water usage. The reviews: Delish!

Floral Decorated Cake by Loria Stern

Floral Decorated Cake by Loria Stern

Amborella Organics Photo

Amborella Organics. Photo by Heather Collins @photobyhmc

We’ve gushed about Amborella Organics, founded by Taylor Clarke with her husband Brennan. This charming collection of candy-with-a-cause is nothing short of genius. Delicious! Delightful! Experiential!

After you’ve finished enjoying the candy created with organic, edible herbs and flowers, you can plant the biodegradable, seed bearing stick and watch something grow!

Through April 30, The Flowry will donate 25% of profits from sales of Amborella Organics to Razom for Ukraine. Plus, get 10% off your first purchase of Amborella Organics with code: SPRING. **Good through 3/31/22** You can also use code: FLOWRY at checkout at Amborella Organics if you see something there you fancy.

Lastly, here’s is a list of organizations chosen from across The Flowry community working to feed, clothe and care for the Ukrainian people who went from everyday life to fleeing for their lives in a matter of moments: World Central Kitchen, Voices of Children, Global Giving, Nova Ukraine.

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