Hey, Sweetheart. I Love You More Than Roses. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Love comes in all forms. From lust to devotion to admiration, the ways to express loving feelings towards another run the gamut. But not everyone has the words.

Enter: The Sweet Heart Posy by Teresa Sabankaya, a Santa Cruz-based floral designer, author of The Posy Book and owner and creative director of Bonny Doon Garden Company. Quite literally, a small round bouquet of flowers, herbs and plants, held in one hand, and inspired by the Victorian “Language of Flowers,” the Sweet Heart Posy features hand-picked, seasonal stems, each with a unique meaning. 

This Valentine’s Day, The Flowry is teaming with Sabankaya to offer the Sweet Heart Posy exclusively as a modern alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day florals, especially conventionally grown and largely imported long-stemmed red roses.   

How Roses Became the ‘It’ Flower of Valentine’s Day

A quick bit of history: The connection between red roses and love dates back to ancient Greek mythology. It was said rose bushes grew where Aphrodite shed tears over the blood of her slain lover, Adonis. In 15th Century Persia and the Middle East, flowers were often used to send secretive messages. Flash forward to 19th Century Europe, the Victorian Language of Flowers, or Floriography, solidified the red rose as the bloom of love and desire.

The rose went on to be held in high esteem, romanticized for its beauty and commanding high price tags. Today, long-stem red roses are the top-selling Valentine’s Day bloom, mass produced in Colombia and imported by the hundreds of millions – a whopping $2 billion worth of stems! 

The Less Rosy Bit

These “conventional” and “fast” flowers carry an enormous carbon footprint, a likely swathe of toxic chemical pesticides, and the sweat of workers barely earning a living wage. And, because these roses are bred to withstand long-distance air travel, they’ve traded their signature scent (no it’s not Covid, it’s the flowers!) for hardiness!

Not exactly the love letter you intended to send to your sweetheart.

Introducing The Bloomlist

Our eco-chic floral community of more than 100 florists across the US has embraced a more earth-loving approach to floral design. Unlike conventional floristry which relies heavily on imports and otherwise toxic and egregious design elements—like floral foam, chemical drying agents, dyes and bleach, and non-compostable, single-use packaging—florists on The Bloomlist prioritize locally and domestically sourced flowers, in season, and sustainable design practices, starting with NO floral foam, an environmental hazard.

Find Flowers for Every Kind of Love 

The Sweet Heart Posy—perfect for lovers, daughters, sisters and mothers—is a “knock their socks off” composition of seasonal blooms, hand-picked by Sabankaya, and responsibly grown in California. Featured flowers include:

  • Peach garden roses, an expression of appreciation and joy
  • Ranunculus, for charm
  • Freesia, for trust and thoughtfulness
  • Heather, for admiration
  • Myrtle, for love positive
  • Fern, for shelter and sincerity
  • Narcissus, for hope and sweetness
  • Larkspur, for an open heart, cheerfulness and fun

The Sweet Heart Posy arrives with a vintage milk goblet keepsake and a sentiment tag explaining the thought behind each poetic petal. Place your order by Thursday, February 10 to ensure delivery on or before Valentine’s Day.

*NOTE: Due to the delicate nature of cut flowers and the uncontrollable weather and other occurrences which may affect their availability, flower substitutions may be made. This will not affect the message you wish to send.

About Teresa Sabankaya

Teresa Sabankaya has been called one of the most innovative florists in the San Francisco Bay Area. Characterized by an elegant, just-gathered-from-the-garden style, Sabankaya’s designs carry a chic and nostalgic feel. In fact, many of the stems featured in her creations come from her own pristinely tended, two acre organic garden in the Santa Cruz mountains. Teresa’s designs emit a familiarity to people, while ‘calibrating’ the soul.  Her trademarked creation, Bonny Doon Posies©, have been featured in such media as CBS Sunday Morning and The New York Times. Teresa is a Certified Green Gardener, a member of Slow Flowers, and on The Bloomlist.

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