— Hadley


Many Graces


As farmers and designers, Many Graces takes its work and mission to heart with floral designs that are always unique, striking and artistic, featuring certified-organically grown blooms using sustainable, thoughtful practices. Subscriptions, bouquets and wedding event florals available, as is a listing of where they’re sold locally.


*Excerpted from their website: “As the global cut-flower industry relies heavily on air transport of flowers, and often on worker exploitation and harsh agrochemicals that have negative effects on communities, air, soil, and water supplies, supporting local, ethical, and sustainable flower production and design helps to secure the future viability of this important work.”

— Norwell


Cross Street Flower Farm


This boutique, flower farm grows specialty cut and heirloom flowers from April through November using sustainable, natural practices on the South Shore of Boston. Find seasonally-inspired flowers and floral design for events, special occasions and CSAs (available for pickup).

— Bud In

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