— New Haven


Persephone Floral Atelier


Beyond composting and using eco-friendly methods, Persephone is committed to sourcing flowers from local farmers for their wedding and event design. They look to the landscape around them, foraging from their own small gardens and waysides. In the months outside their local growing season, the studio relies on local wholesale business. When sourcing flowers from the wholesaler, they always look for American grown flowers first. The same is true when working at a destination. They have a growing network of farmers around the country and world.

— Norwalk


The Gardenist


Founded by a botanist specializing in soil and water management, cellular botany, greenhouse management, floral/landscape design and arboriculture, The Gardenist emphasizes floral creation with a personal touch featuring flowers from its founder’s own gardens! Natalie often forages in wildflower fields and the woods to find unique and native additions for each arrangement., locally sourcing and using what’s in season as much as possible. By doing this, she believes in utilizing what true nature has to offer and contributing to sustainable floriculture. Services include: wedding and event design, gardening services, set design, botanical design & consultations.

— Bud In

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