— Minneapolis


Sister Honey Floral


Floral design studio led by Katie Horvath whose design work reflects the current season through locally sourced blooms, textures & foliages. Invested in the Slow Flower movement, Katie grows an extensive cut flower garden that she incorporates into her work at Sister Honey. By carefully selecting each variety, she ensures that her garden is bursting with colors that complement her weddings & events.

— St. Paul




The Twin Cities’ first exclusively local and chemical free florist, Christine Hoffman, founder of The Twin Cities Flower Exchange, is a slow flower advocate who through workshops, subscriptions, events and advocacy, shares her passion for local flowers and why she thinks they are a better choice. She believes sustainable options and land stewardship are musts for maintaining our environment and creating healthy homes and lives. Learning to appreciate what is in season enhances our perception of beauty, creates a continuum with the outdoors, and nurtures a deeper engagement with our surrounding.

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