Whimsical arrangement of spring flowers tulips, pink, yellow and coral colored daffodils and ranunculus, in a coral compote, perched on a book with falling petals.

I Stopped and Smelled The Flowers, A Business Idea Bloomed

The Flowry is a Sustainable Floral Design Hub and Marketplace

I founded The Flowry, a sustainable floral design hub and marketplace, to introduce people who love and gift flowers to the unmistakable difference of sustainable floral design—while supporting flower-inspired, values-driven, small businesses. My idea was to improve access to those florists prioritizing seasonal and American grown flowers, eco-friendly design mechanics, and responsible business practices from soil to doorstep, through a directory called The Bloomlist

The Backstory

This past Mothers Day, while searching for the perfect bouquet to suit each of the marvelous mamas in my life, it occurred to me: It matters where these flowers come from and how they’re grown. Like food, I wanted them to reflect the seasonal bounty, and I wanted them to last. 

I was surprised to learn that 80% of the flowers sold in the US are grown elsewhere.  I’m talking about the flowers you buy in the supermarket, flower shops, and online. That’s one heck of a road trip to get to your vase! No wonder they wither so quickly and smell like… nothing! And then there are the working conditions under which they were harvested to consider; and the opportunity taken from American farmers to provide a better, fresher, longer lasting product.

I spent a lot of time researching these Mother’s Day arrangements, painstakingly—the same the way I shop for supplements and skincare productsto ensure they’re clean and chemical free, user-reviewed and results driven. It seemed there wasn’t an obvious place to look for eco-friendly florists committed to crafting with locally and/or sustainably grown stems, and without floral foam (#nofloralfoam).  (More on floral foam and why you should request its non-use in your next flower delivery.)

What I Learned About the Conventional Flower Business Surprised Me

It turns out 100% ‘local flowers’ sourcing comes with sacrifice and cost, and is especially challenging during winter months given the frosty climes across much of the USA, when fewer flowers naturally grow.  The definition of ‘local’ itself is also somewhat subjective: Is it coming from around the corner or across the country? Two hundred miles or 2000 miles? And when you Google ‘local flowers,’ or ‘local florist,’ you don’t necessarily find a florist prioritizing locally grown flowersrather those near your delivery radius. Lastly, the term ‘sustainability,’ as it relates to floristry, is widely misused and misrepresentednor does it typically yield a desired outcome when Googled. My guess is because most of us are not searching for ‘sustainable’ or ‘eco-friendly’ florists. Maybe you didn’t know you had to? I didn’t.

Now, I do.

These delicate business decisions made by floral designers and flower shop owners are not ours to debate or debunk. I’ve never run a flower business, nor designed a flower arrangement, so my point of view is pretty much zero. We do, however, want to provide access to people and planet-friendlier alternatives to “conventional’ and “fast” flowers via The Bloomlist.

Browse The Bloomlist for a Foam Free Florist Near You

Through education, inspiration and access, our goal is to reacquaint you with seasonality and provenance in flowers, much like food, and facilitate connections between sustainability-minded flower lovers and eco conscious floral designers for your every day and special occasions. Because locally grown flowers, in season, delivered in a sustainable way are some of the best things on Earth.

That’s half our story! 

More to Bloom

We also love florality (yes it’s a word!) in all forms. From The Bloomlist Directory of eco-friendly florists, to our curated floral finds (coming soon), we are obsessed with blossoming beauty in our everyday orbit.

We invite you to shop and smell the flowers. Bud into our mailing list. Welcome to The Flowry. 

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