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Wildly is a floral design studio in South Orange, NJ with a strong commitment to featuring locally grown flowers and sustainable practices. We design florals that evoke the movement of Nature while celebrating its immense beauty. Out of respect for the future of humanity and the beautiful planet we are all living on, Wildly Floral Co. uses sustainable practices in our designs. We compost green waste and source the great majority of our flowers from local flower farms to reduce our carbon footprint. We forego floral foam and instead utilize chicken wire, moss and pin frogs to provide structure and keep florals hydrated, even in our large scale installations. We buy back vases and reuse all containers we can. And we use recycled and/or recyclable paper products for our packaging and shipping materials. Our inspiration is derived from the movement and beauty of the natural world. Nature’s immense beauty has the power to evoke emotion in all humans and make us feel connected to each other and to the living world around us. At Wildly we use the medium of flowers, foliages and other natural materials to highlight Nature’s beauty and connect people.

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