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Rowdy Poppy is unique in the floral space as we both design impactful florals and also grow them on our small urban farm. This means your flowers get the utmost care and attention from seed to stem which translates to longer vase life, more fragrance, and overall more vibrant blooms. In addition, the total travel of your stems may be as little as a few feet compared to thousands of miles for typical imports. We are dedicated to offering flowers for everything from large events to everyday flowerings and give back to various social justice organizations throughout the seasons as part of our commitment to the community. Our designs are often described as whimsical and organic; we love mixing fresh, everlasting, and unexpected elements for one-of-a-kind compositions. We see the inherent beauty in everything from weeds in sidewalk cracks to seedheads blowing in the wind and try to share that with our clients by bringing in unexpected materials, seasonal elements, and as much local flora as possible. The mission of Rowdy Poppy is to provide unique, sustainable floral design that reminds us of our connection to the earth around us. To that end, we never use floral foam or harsh chemicals and all our materials are compostable, reusable, or recyclable. The flowers we use are grown right here on our farm, sourced from other local growers, responsibly foraged, or provided by wholesalers who supply US-grown blooms.

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