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Mary Stuart Flowers was just named by Florists’ Review (January 2022) as one of their “125 Florists to Be Celebrated” and “among the best and brightest stars in our industry in 2022.” I fell in love with flowers in my childhood, watching my grandmother Pat create lovely arrangements for the Boston Flower Show with Queen Anne’s Lace, salmon colored geraniums and roses from her garden. Her hands seemed to place the stems exactly where they wanted to be, giving each flower a place of her own with room to breathe. It was effortless. At least, it looked so to me. I always try to keep those images of my grandmother, and especially her hands, relaxed and light in my mind while I’m arranging my own flowers. It is so important to me that my designs feel natural, relaxed, and even a bit wild. While my grandmother’s style has certainly inspired my own designs, the art and mechanics of floristry continue to change since I began watching her create in the 1980’s. My designs are made sustainably by implementing reusable mechanics such as chicken wire and floral frogs. I never use toxic floral foam or altered (dyed, bleached) materials as these cannot be composted and returned to the soil from which they grew. We must always be mindful of our impact. One of the many joyful experiences that have come from founding Mary Stuart Flowers is the delight I have found in growing my own flowers. What began as a hobby is quickly becoming an obsession and with the digging of each new flower bed and the repurposing of every bare patch of land, I continue to create space to grow flowers. I have also found great kinship with the amazing farmer-florists in New England who provide incredible seasonal flowers and whose passion for growing beautiful things is bursting from every petal. Using my own home-grown flowers and those grown by local flower farmers in my designs whenever I can infuses them with all the energy and love it took to grow them. When I launched Mary Stuart Flowers I knew that I wanted to design for weddings, gatherings and celebrations because the people who come together on these occasions come with open hearts and open arms, fully prepared to enjoy what comes. And so it is with flowers; when approached from a place of celebration, they will present their most joyful performance. It would be my pleasure to flower for you.

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