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Anisoptera Flora is a two-in-one flower farm and florist. From the soil at my farm, to the ribbon on your bouquet; every little detail is lovingly cultivated, curated, and intentional. I grow flowers on our micro flower farm using sustainable, regenerative, and organic practices. I design bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and wearables using these blooms. I love designing with local, seasonal, and unique blooms. I love the challenge of taking what might not be considered the usual and making it stunning. I love to play with natural shapes, colors, and textures. I avoid toxic chemicals, single use plastics, and floral foam. So you can feel safe burying your face beneath the blossoms. I do it all the time. I believe in seasonality and change. I revel in the beauty of imperfections. I grow flowers for myself and our future. I design with flowers to share joy in simple pleasures.


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