Art We Heart

Jeannie Douglass Art

Bold. Vibrant. Joyful. These are a few words that can only attempt to describe Douglass’s color-saturated abstract expressionist acrylic paintings. According to her artist’s statement, she is inspired by nature: “When I paint, I can feel the flowers swaying in the wind, smell their fragrance, see the shadows and light streaming across the trail, hear the waves crashing on the rugged rocks and can reach out and touch the scarlet sunset.” When we behold her energetic depictions of flowers in the wild, we feel the same way

Love Mad Collage

The Vermont-based artist behind @lovemadcollage doesn’t reveal their name, but they do give us insight into the fact that the negative impacts of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain can be a positive stimulus for the creative. Born in Madrid and currently living in Vermont, the artist funnels energy into creating emotional, graphic prints that feature florals in unique and wonderful ways, all thanks to the power of discarded cardboard boxes, scissors, markers, glue, and the power of imagination.
Photo caption: Flora archival print on Hahnemühle paper

Monica Shulman 

This first-generation American of Cuban and Argentinan descent paints using an impasto technique, which creates a heavily thick, almost sculptural quality on the canvas. While Shulman tackles a broad range of subjects, we’re especially drawn to her abstract depictions of flowers, especially in her striking peony series.
Photo Caption: Red Peonies. 24 x 24. Mixed media painting on canvas. Oil paint and oil pastel.
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