Art We Heart

Slipping Away by Anna Kincaide


Now here is a woman who is indeed, after our own hearts: Kincaide’s jaw-dropping, lush paintings combine a love of florals with another one of our favorite obsessions: fashion. Leaning on references to both history and some of the most iconic images from the bygone glossy magazine era, each of her oil-on-canvas paintings features a chic, elevated approach to celebrating the art of the flower.

Ranunculi by Anna Condo


While Condo has mastered multiple disciplines, as an artist, she puts Florals. First. Her raw, intimate photographs portray flowers not as Shy Violets but as Powerful Peonies, to be viewed with the sense of awe-inspiring wonder they deserve. Follow her Insta (@anna.condo) for your daily dose of bloom-spo.

From the #facethefoliage collection by Justina Blakeney X Sister Golden Shop


Check the hashtag #Facethefoliage to get inspired by flowers in the most whimsical, DIY-way ever. The Jungalow founder, Blakeney, has created a movement in encouraging would-be floweristas to follow her lead by creating portraits using plants as her medium. Just like our favorite blooms, no two are alike, but every single one will make you smile.